FPV = First Person View. When combined with the precise control and unique vantage points of  racing drones, this technology allows us to capture spaces, action sports, offices, nature, and people like you have never seen before! We could drone on about the specifics but the best way to understand this style of video is simply watch it, so take a look at our reel and some of our recent work!



Flying like a Bird!


FPV (first-person-view) goggles allow pilots to see the video being captured by a small camera on their drone in real time and be completely cut off from any other visual distractions. Combining this technology with years of practice flying allows for absolute control over drones in almost any space imaginable! 

It's the closet thing to feeling as though you're flying like a bird!


This is not your father's drone...

These drones fly fully manual and are custom built to our pilot's preferences. There's no GPS, altitude hold, no return-to-home, no sensors or automated movement of any kind. This is called "Acro" mode and is what allows pilots to maneuver through small spaces and move in dynamic, acrobatic ways at high speeds. This type of control takes years to master and allows for the unique movements you see.


You want to fly where??

That's right, inside! Our custom built indoor drones allow for safe and efficient flight inside and in close proximity to people without the worry of damage or injury. These drones fly much slower than others and are a great way to capture large spaces in one shot takes.


The real fun happens outdoors!

Our custom built outdoor drones are built using many of the same parts that racing pilots use. This means that they can reach speeds of 100mph with ease and cover large areas with dynamic movements all while capturing it with beautiful HD footage.

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